3 ways to help your mom

It’s  Buddy. today I am going to give you only 3 ways to help your mom. I’m going to St. Louis tomorrow, and I need to pack. So any way #1-Do a couple game boards with your mom to make her feel better from the long day.#2-If your mom has to go to the store go with her and  pay for everything.#3-let your  mom watch her favorite movie while you do dinner and when your done have dinner and watch the movie with her. That’s all for today! I’ll get back at ya on Sunday!


5 ways to help yur mom while she’s a teacher.

Hi it’s Buddy.This weeks MOM job is a teacher!#1-If you have messy room clean it for your mom or instead of watching TV go wash the dishes.#2-when your mom gets home from work spend some quality time.#3-do the laundry.#4-try to help her with paper work.#5-if you know how to cook,cook dinner.If not help cook dinner. That’sall for today.i’ll get back tomorrow!